Blackberries owe their success to the concept of push e mail. Basically what Blackberries do is they obtain and buffer your e mail in a their servers, and then compresses and send you a simplified version of your messages over very thin pipes…in the air. And while the messages get to you with some delay you don´t notice cause they are there when you want them. Now that companies such as Fon´s marketing partner Jazztel have launched TV services I wonder if it´s not time that these ISPs “blackberry movies”. I think there´s a great opportunity for ADSL providers to sell movies on demand by buffering the most popular movies in their servers and stream compressed versions of them to users on demand in exchange for payment. Movie streaming is much easier to provide if buffered at the servers of an ISP that is close to the customer than at a random server farms around the globe. Movie studios are concerned about illegal movie downloading. Prosecuting movie downloading sites is a possibility but how about competing with them with a much better service? I am sure that at least some people would trade waiting for days using bit torrent and not having to use precious space in their hard drives in exchange for the instant gratification of good quality movie streaming. Especially if the offer is bundled as part of a monthly offering, say 45 euros a month for internet, TV, free phone calls and up to 10 movie streams per month, and especially if it can then be taken around in a wifi enabled video watching device such as a wifi video ipod.

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Sundeep on July 19, 2006  · 

Hi Martin
I was present at one of your talks at a British School in Spain (which we won’t mention) and your talk on careers and university really inspired me. I have always had quite a few entrepreneural ideas running through my head, however as you said unlike executives, most entrepreneurs are unsuccessful.

I have what I think is a brilliant idea in mind. I was wondering if you would be interested in hearing it.

Sundeep Chugani

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