At Fon we created a simple tool that is a real time search engine. We call it Unfolding News, URL Unfolding News is a search engine for unfolding stories. We did it as an internal tool but now it´s online. We created it to see what people thought about our products, say the Fonera. But we put it online for all to use. Say you are a company and you launch a product and you want to see how blogs, news agencies, media in general, and even twitter is reacting to your product, then you go to Unfolding News. Or you want to follow a news story, like the Air France crash over the ocean. You can see stories as they appear. It´s like a live search engine.

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Javier Guillén on June 3, 2009  · 


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Valentin on June 3, 2009  · 

I use unfoldingnews from time to time since:

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