Last month I offered some free routers to foneros who sent us pictures showing us they lived on busy streets.

Here´s a list of the names and countries of the winners and their photos.

I decided to extend this promotion. So if you live anywhere in the European Union where you face a busy street and would like to become a fonero, send FON an e-mail with the view from your window (we will publish the best pictures) and your address and Fon will likely ship you a free wifi router. The offer is valid for the first 100 request and you can send your picture until 12th.

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murcia on May 2, 2006  ·

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Francisco on May 3, 2006  · 

Hi Martín,

Maybe this article is of your interest.


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Martín Varsavsky on May 3, 2006  · 

Thanks Francisco!

Now I want you to read this one


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