But as far as I know it is the best. Why? How would you like a 1GB service for 89 euros per month? If I could sign up for that service in Madrid I would in a second. Labs2 is the only ISP who I know for which the WiFi signal at 54 megas is the bottleneck! And now Labs2 is a fonero ISP, we are partnering with them in Sweden.

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Pete on April 26, 2006  · 

Did you say 1Gb? A Gigabit Ethernet connection to the Net? 1,024 Megabits per second? Symetric?

That’s unbelievable.

What’s the monthly bandwidth limit? There has to be a catch!

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kånkel on May 3, 2006  · 

Its true, kind off. Only available in selected parts of the city “Lund”, a some 10000 households. The service is labeld “up to…” and the peering to the outside world is also a bottleck.


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snobben on May 19, 2006  · 

Actually the reach is far less than that.. Some 30 households can actually get the 1Gbit-service and as “kånkel” states the uplink for the _whole city_ (within the Labs2 network is 1Gbit).. Some 5000 customers (of various speeds/services) all together share this capacity..

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Niko on April 21, 2008  · 

What is more is that they are now doing 10Gb lines into people’s homes. The boss Jonas Birgersson has one and this makes his line faster than some countries have! I visited him and do you know what we did with that line? We played Dawn of War online and got spanked by some kids!

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