Cover of "In Bruges"
Cover of In Bruges

I recently wrote a post called the Shortened Life Index in which I argued that both suicide and homicide are highly cultural. In some cultures homicide is common, as in the Caribbean for example, and in others suicide is common, as in Japan. If you consider suicide violence or ultimately murder against yourself it is more dangerous to live in Switzerland than in my native Argentina. Or in Japan than in Spain as in both countries the suicide rates are extremely high. And personally I considered both suicide and homicide a similar phenomenom and created an index that showed country per country what happens when you add the suicide and homicide rates. I called it the Shortened Life Index but I am opened to any other sugestions as far as the right name for it. The point though is that you can be more dangerous than any other person when it gets to calculating the risk of a shortened life. You probably heard that you are much more likely to get murdered by somebody you know than by a stranger, well this is the same point taken to an extreme.

Now it so happens that I just saw a film that argued exactly the same point. It´s called In Bruges. It´s pretty good. And without spoiling it, as I recommend seeing it, this movie makes the point that there is an intersection between suicide and homicide. All its main characters alternate between suicidal and homicidal moments.

Interestingly though, most people don´t see suicide as self murder.

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FernandoG on March 23, 2009  · 

I agree with the cultural factor to understand suicide. Catholic countries have fewer suicides. I think that that can be explained, at least partially, with the fact that it’s one of the worst sins you can commit is that religion. It doesn’t matter if people are not really catholic any more, that message is already in society.

By the way, I loved In Bruges when I saw it. Most of the characters are quite sad when you think about them, but I couldn’t stop laughing all the time with such a great script.

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Peanut on March 24, 2009  · 

In fact, the Suicide syndrome’s is another side of heroism. No, truly, Suicide is a fact by itself, and bruges is a tragic-comedy about banalization of violence in the modern audio visual narrative. The movie, talk about vital signs and identity, and the values of the rent killers. Is like a samurai Japanese movie whit European moral values.

The roles, is like in a Kurosawa Movie, one samurai, one ronin, and one daimyō get the Blues in Bruges.

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cova on March 24, 2009  · 

I loved the film!!!!! although it is quite violent ( and i love Brugges)

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