The Eye-Fi Card looks and acts like a standard SDHC memory card (up to 2GB) that you can easily plug into your digital camera, but it’s actually a great WiFi gadget that automatically transfers your photos and videos to the Web and your computer, as soon as your camera gets in range of a WiFi router like a Fonera.

When your pics and videos are uploaded they can be automatically shared on around 20  photo and video sharing services including Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, Photobucket and Youtube. When your computer is turned on your pics are are downloaded to a folder on your computer or directly into iPhoto if you are on a Mac.

Adding WiFi to your camera makes a lot of sense, as it lets you forget about the annoying downloading and uploading procedures necessary to put your pictures and videos on the Internet. Our own Fonera 2.0 will let you achieve the same results, but will work with any digital camera and any memory card. You’ll soon be able to plug your camera to an USB port on the Fonera 2.0 and your pics and videos will be automatically uploaded to Flickr and Youtube. No need to boot up your PC and waste time with forms and endless uploads, the Fonera 2.0 will take care of it for you. But the Fonera 2.0 is not just about uploading pictures and videos to the Web, it will also help you manage your storage, backup and downloading activities, thanks to a USB port and a selection of plugins developed by the community.

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Fernando Reig Matthies on March 4, 2009  · 

There are Eye-Fi cards for SDHC compatible cameras (up to 4GB) and also cards compatible for SD compatible ones (up to 2GB).

Depending on the version of the card which can be Home, Share or Explore you can upload your photos wirelessly to your PC, share them on online services and even Geo-Tag them (partnering with Skyhook Wireless) respectively.

Independently of the version of the card you buy you can additionally add both of these services to the card (online sharing and geo tagging).

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parq on March 4, 2009  · 

Marketing is everything!
You’ve to add: Go FON!

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steven on March 5, 2009  · 

The idea behind the Eye-Fi is that your pictures are send during your holiday trip when passing by hotspots. With the last version even sending movies and GPS coordinates so they can even be presented on googlemap like services

While the FON2 will only be able to upload the pictures when you are @home….which is a bit too late?

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steven on March 5, 2009  · 

Wouldn’t it be great if FON were able to get the Eye-Fi card supported by FONspots as well???

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Peter on March 6, 2009  · 

If Eye-Fi also included an optimisation tool such as BluBox then Hi-Resolution photos could be securely sent via hot spots at a fraction of the original size without any discernable loss of quality when printed or viewed later at the original resolution. This would overcome some bandwidth issues when sending several photos at the same time

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Gabriel on March 9, 2009  · 

Desde que saque mi primer foto con mi camara digital espero esta tarjeta de memoria.

No particularmete esta, no tenia idea de como seria el dispositivo que me permitiera descargar fotos en tiempo real.

Soy fotografo profesional, un gadget que me permita sacar fotos en un evento y poder mostrarlas en tiempo real en una pantalla gigante es un servicio mas para vender.

Si lo que quiero es poder grabar video, le pongo la tarjeta de 16 GB, si quiero mostrar en tiempo real, se usa la de 4GB.

Dejo la idea, ¿que servicio pueden ofrecer para fotografos profesionales con Fon? uno que permita ver las fotos de una boda on line en el momento que las toma el fotografo, o algo así.

Claro que despues está el trabajo de seleccionar que queda on line.

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