Today we were covered by Business Week.

We signed with 2 more large telcos in Europe but we can´t yet announce who they are.

Today we started negotiating with our first mobile operator. Making a deal with them would be a breakthrough as many analysts argued that we could make deals with fixed operators but that mobile operators will hate us. Some however seem to be realizing that at the pace we are growing we can become a great way for them to alleviate the heaviest mobile traffic, videos, games and songs in particular which 3G networks are poorly equipped for. Also for indoor coverage.

By now we have had meetings and conversations will most American telcos and cable operators.

I will be in the States again from tomorrow until the following Wed evening.

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andreas w gerdes on March 9, 2006  · 

have a great time in the usa.

a potential combination of fon and their cellular service could prove to help them reducing their churn rate.

which at the end of the day is where they loose the most of their money these days.

they should love you and do whatever they can to sign up with fon to differentiate themsleves and ‘keep’ their customers instead of churning 30% per year – as the most of them do.

wish you luck on your mission, andreas

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dan on March 9, 2006  · 

What do you think of this very interesting product from Intel: a WiMax & WiFi PCCard. This would solve the chick and egg problem for WiMax.

There is another one with confiuurable frequencies too.

Can you put FON on the other side of WiMax (base station)?

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Martín Varsavsky on March 10, 2006  · 


Our software developers are already working on Fon 802.11n routers. We expect to have them ready by September. It would be ideal to combine these routers with Centrino chips that detect their signal. These routers triple current ranges, therefore greatly reducing the numbers of foneros needed to have good urban coverage.


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Mike on March 14, 2006  · 

There is a research project done at my university to study how people use and share their Wi-Fi conncetion.
You should check it out and maybe have all the foneros take the survey.

OSU Wi-Fi Survey

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teleken on March 15, 2006  · 

Martin hello,
In your statment “These routers triple current ranges, ” what is your understanding of
the (Current ranges) i understand it as off the shelf 400′. is this the same as what i know?


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myWIFIzone on March 22, 2006  · 

Hi Martin

Congrats on your funding success with Google and Skype. We’re starting to think that all good WIFI things start in Spain – we have had over 8,000 installs there for our WIFI blocker software. We just launched our Captive Portal Services and hope to clear the same hurdles as you with the ISP’s. Best of luck on that front too!

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