With the markets forecasting the mother of all recessions, capital for startups is getting scarce and entrepreneurs find increasingly hard to raise financing for their companies. So I want to congratulate Rafael Casado, founder of Tooio, on raising a €1,5M round with markets in tough conditions.

Tooio is a Spanish startup developing a mobile social network that allows users to know where their friends are, communicate with them and find places and events close to where they are. Features include SMS, mail and instant messaging, events invitations and a proximity-based mobile search engine.

The service is available for Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, and soon Blackberry too.

Rafael Casado created Invertia inside of Terra and then was the COO of Terra.

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Pablo Baqués on November 26, 2008  · 

Good job, Rafael.

I will share this post with ForoMovil 2.0, an over-1000-member forum on Smartphone applications.

Martin, could this be a harbinger of better business conditions ? Or is it just my over-eagerness to see the the beginning of the end of the crisis?

My voluntarily biased belief is that as we approach the magic date of January 20, things will get better. There is no such thing as obaMAGIC, but a collective perception that things will get better helps, and that perception could not go the other way, because it is hard to imagine anything worse than what we have.

buena suerte, Rafael.

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Paul RODTS on November 27, 2008  · 

A perfect tool for my latin friends.
In countries like Spain and Italy people like to live in groups and probably they need to know where there friends are at any time.
I agree with Martin’s impression that the more northern europeans want to have more control over the timing when we meet our friends.
I like to be in Italy and Spain, but I also like the privacy in Belgium, where I can choose when I am available to my friends….
I would use the device in the south, because I adapt to local culture.
But I would never use it in the north or in Belgium.
Don’t want to ‘surprise’ my northern friends during their privacy time…

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tigreton on November 28, 2008  · 

Yes, but i don’t know why spanish(me ;)) like a lot of communities, or social networks. tuenti, myspace, wamba…
And which is the second thing that teens like? mobil…
So social network + mobil, double time!!! double money too.

i don’t like this social network, i only use it because my friends send me images… funny images hahaa.

But it’s difficult do a startup without money, but if he is the coo of terra, a big community chat, forums pages… it’s easier.
but 1.5M…. it’s a lot of…

If u want to see my page: http://www.gigatrike.com
micro windpower

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