Egg freezing is becoming a must have perk among US corporates. As the founder of Prelude, the company with the most babies born out of frozen eggs, my recommendation to corporates world wide is as follows. Don’t just offer egg freezing! If you offer egg freezing alone you will be perceived as a company that just wants to retain women childless at work. If you offer egg freezing, which is a phenomenal benefit for some women, you must also offer IVF benefits to all, men and women, benefits which show that you care about helping your employees getting to be parents. And once they are, also you should offer paid parental leave and child care benefits. If you combine all four benefits, as many corporates do, then by offering egg freezing you will be seen as a corporate who helps everyone, those who are ready to be parents, those who would like to delay being parents, and those who already are parents. You will be seen as a truly family friendly company.

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