Jobs and Wozniak, Bill and Steve, Larry and Sergey, David and Jerry, Pierre and Meg and recently Niklas and Janus. What is it about couples and success on the internet? Do I need to find my mindmate to make it big with FON? Is that why Larry never seems to make it?

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Dago on January 13, 2006  · 

Well, even though it is probably not necessary to have two people, those guys have an advantage! They can look at things from different perspectives, represent greater authority, accumulate more knowledge, incorporate different management styles and play good cop bad cop. But there is the great danger of not finding consensus. One can argue that this might give them the opportunity to practice hard enough to always reach one, but there will definitely be the moment where there is an unbridgeable gap between their opinions. So then it’s the loners or individualists? No, just look at Larry ;-). And what’s that about mindmates? Aren’t all these guys registering for fon kind of exactly that? You are not alone! And in case you still look for partners, well maybe I know someone! 😉

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Paul Reigersmants on January 14, 2006  · 

It is just fun to check that the same topic has 11 comments on the Spanish section of your blog and none on this one.

And what is more important… some of the people who posted at that section offered themselves as potential partners for any of your future internet ventures, while nobody did it here.

Does it mean that English speakers do not trust a Latin entrepreneur?

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