My friend Jack Hidary alerted me to Coolprepaid a new start up he invested in. Coolprepaid is what I was looking for not to get ripped off when I visit the States. Basically Coolprepaid does two things that other providers don´t do: to sell SIM cards without phones and to not only have a very low national calling rate for US phone calls but to have super low international calling rates. International calling had been the last bastion of cell phone scams. With Coolprepaid the scam is over. No more 50c to $1 per minute for international calls on prepaid services. Plus I very much prefer to change SIM cards rather than phones. Soon I will be travelling with FON´s wififons and call for free when there´s wifi but I estimate that we will need 4 years to build a seamless wifi signal in the States… in the meantime Coolprepaid.

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isaac b on January 4, 2006  · 

Last time I was in London working my good friend there gave me a SIM card from that works the same. Very little cost to call overseas and of course they dont charge you for the incomming calls as they do in the US.

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