Danilo Türk, president of SloveniaImage via WikipediaI rarely remark on what a President of a small country says but with Danilo Turk I will make an exception. I just heard him speak at the Forbes CEO Forum in Cannes and much to my surprise he made a lot of sense. Steve Forbes interviewed him and confronted with a lot of questions that he answered extremely well, without absurd, political sounding promises. What was remarkable was how much he knew about the world scene. So while at the conference I wikied him and it turns out that he is an outstanding global diplomat. Am I one of the few who had no idea who he was? My favorite phrase out of his presentation? To end a war does not necessarily mean to learn to build in peace, witness Kosovo.

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Paul RODTS on June 9, 2008  · 

I have been several times in Slovenia and in my impression Slovenians are in general, not only very efficient, but also polite, friendly people that are down to earth. Mr. Turk won the elections a few months ago, he is not only smart, he is also humble and a good listener, according to many people…

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