Thanks to Seesmic, the start up founded by my friend Loic Le Meur and in which I’m an investor, you can now leave video comments to my posts in my Spanish and English blogs. Loic was one of the first to leave one!

Leaving a video comment is very easy, you just need a webcam, click on the “Or add a Video Comment with Seesmic” link below the comment’s text box, login or subscribe to Seesmic (if you’re not already) and record your video comment.

While getting comments might get a bit more complicated in video, as I often read them from my mobile, I’m sure I will appreciate seeing the face of the people who comment on my blogs. As a blogger, reading anonymous comments is like chatting in a room without light… video turns the light on.

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Javier[EmaStudios] on April 26, 2008  · 

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