Ok, we had no idea that so many people were going to come to webhotornot so we are taking it more seriously and turning this practical joke into a better tool (or a better practical joke). In the first hours since we blogged this we got over 1000 sites submitted for voting and over 40K votes. Still, we know that Webhotornot is never going to be as popular as Hotornot as we can´t compete with guys trying to get laid (or wank) but even though people will not show so much excitement over rating web sites we can still do a decent sex appeal platform. So this is what we are doing and all this is without consulting Sifry who is asleep now (we are awake in Spain he is asleep in California zzzzzzzzzzzzzz).

-people were submitting so many websites that we did not have time to get the screenshot and most sites offered for voting had no screenshots. Now we changed this and if there´s no screenshot we don´t offer it for voting.

-we are going to make it easier for people to go and vote not only randomly but at least once for the sites they love or hate.

-we are going to have battles for example Techcrunch vs GigaOm so people can have fun (thanks Eduardo Arcos for the idea).

-we are going to introduce a ranking of the 50 hottest sites with more than 50 votes. Then we will change the rankings and let people make their own rankings. The problem with rankings is that they influence outcomes and we will end up with the Google aristocracy problem that some sites always win (but then life maybe like that!)

-we are going to explain to people what this site is about and ask them to vote on sites they have tried and not just on looks.

And now to eat some paella….

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Gustavo L on January 29, 2008  · 

This is great.

But, I’m curious. Aren’t you afraid that your investors are going to wonder why Fon funds are being spent on these side projects? Unless, of course Fon is already profitable or this new site enhances the Fon offerings.

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Juergen on January 29, 2008  · 

Are people posting on Webhotornot just as desperate as those on Hotornot?

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Bilingual Blogger on February 1, 2008  · 

I can’t believe you were complaining about having to find a new domain name for this site. I’m sure if someone had come up with a parody site with the domain “WebFonSpot.com” or “WebFonWireless” you wouldn’t find that so funny and would demand that they take it down or sell you the domain.

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