I am reading what Techcrunch and Paris Lemon wrote about Webhotornot and they got it wrong. First of all Webhotornot was made in Spain at the Fon Labs based on a funny idea that Dave and I had. Webhotornot is a spoof of Hotornot, a hotornot for geeks. If anything a web doodle a divertimento, a practical joke and if anything useful comes out of this hack that was put together in a few hours by the coders at Fon Labs would be that investors may use it to gather geeks opinions not on babes but on sites. But this site is not a venture, there´s no company behind it or anything and this is not Dave Sifry´s new company!

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Brokenglish.blogspot.com on January 28, 2008  · 

I’ve been playing around and I think the idea is very nice. I am just not interested in the links. And to tell if it’s hot or not, you need to know first what the website is about. The original hot or not as well fails on delivering information about the personalities of the pictured people. Which is what really makes them nice or not nice people. So it ends up being superficial. And I am glad cause I am tired of so much cornyness.

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Damian Voltes on January 28, 2008  · 

Take a look at http://www.killerstartups.com
It was created by Gonzalo Arzuaga (who sold in the dot com boom GauchoNet to Terra Networks).
Also an Argentine entrepreneur.

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MG Siegler on January 28, 2008  · 

I’m not so sure I did get it wrong. At least Sifry didn’t seem to think so:


As I say at the end of the post:

“I would guess it’s just meant to be a fun little exercise in site building. It’s mindless web entertainment, you see a site, you vote, you get the next one, you vote, rinse, repeat.”


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