FON is giving away 50 free eStarling WiFi picture frames to foneros who share their WiFi with the Community. Keep your La Fonera online, and on Valentine’s Day you’ll be eligible to win one of the WiFi Frames.

frame.jpegWhat I find very fonero about these frames is that your friend/loved ones can always feed pictures to you and you to them. If you share your WiFi with FON, you’ll have a chance to win a WiFi frame to share your photos!

The winners will be chosen randomly by an automatic system that on the 14th of February will classify those Foneras that had been kept online for the last thirty consecutive days.

FON will publish the winners’ names on from the 14th of February 2007. For more information check out the rules of the contest.

If you want to be sure to get one and you live in Spain or Germany, you can also buy the eStarling picture frame in our Fon Shop.

The eStarling WiFi picture frame allows you to:

  • Create a email address dedicated to sending pictures directly to your picture Frame, even from your cell phone!
  • Set up groups to instantly receive pictures from your friends and family’s email accounts and cell phones.
  • Create your own picture playlists.
  • Link the frame to your favorite photo album (Flickr, Picasa and others).

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