s-maria-in-trastevere.jpgLast week we announced our initiative to cover one of Rome’s most beautiful neighborhoods, Trastevere, with FON WiFi signal. Bars, restaurants and shops will be given free Foneras to share their Internet connection.

People will be able to connect very easily with any WiFi laptop or gadget and registered FON users will surf for free. More infos (in Italian) at trasteverewifi.com.

We already had a great success covering 95% of Chueca, Madrid´s gay neighborhood and probably one of the most beautiful in the city. We will soon bring these initiatives to the most cool neighborhoods in Munich, Paris and Berlin.

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pedro mota santos on December 21, 2007  · 

Please consider Lisbon and neighborhoods like Bairro Alto.
Congratulations and good luck with the FONomenon.

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