Nina’s wedding dress was too big to carry on the plane. So we sent it with our sailboat that came from Miami to Spain. Yesterday we found ourselves at our first anniversary (of our civil wedding) with dress in hand and we did this funny pictures/video allegorical of how Nina said she felt about marriage. It was fun to shoot.

Nina during our first Anniversary in Menorca-Display from Martin Varsavsky on Vimeo.

In the midst of a wonderful, mostly non-political 4th of July parade in Aspen, Colorado, I was surprised to see these right-wing participants. The kid that I found particularly sad was the one who said he loves his carbon footprint. It was also interesting that they don’t see the contradiction between demanding both lower taxes and higher military spending. In general, I always find surprising that in the US, the richer states like NY and California are two the left of the poorer, the Bible Belt.

If you see the rest of the pictures, though, you will see that they were the only sour note on an otherwise splendid 4th of July celebration.

Lastly here is a video of the 4th of July parade with commentary in Spanish that talks about the issue of the wealthy in Aspen being especially progressive.

El 4 de julio en Aspen from Martin Varsavsky on Vimeo.

If you ever wondered why the grass is greener at the neighbors’, here’s the answer, and it is not water.

Argentina has had the biggest default known in history. Yet when you look at Argentina before it blew up, it was in much better shape than Greece is today. Argentina had a deficit that was 3% of GDP, Greece 13.6%. Argentina had debt to GDP ratio of 50%, Greece of 115%. Argentina had a foreign trade deficit of 2%, Greece of 10%. Even if it all goes well for Greece, debt will be 150% of GDP in 2016. Two lessons on this: One is that Argentina could have paid without defaulting. The other one is that Greece probably has to go bankrupt. There has to be a mechanism for countries to go bankrupt. How will a new generation of Greeks grow with so much debt and few growth prospects?

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