I am a liberal father. I consider 15 a reasonable age for kids to have sexual relations for the first time. I believe in self discipline and rarely chase my children around the house for them to study (my 3 older kids do extremely well at school). I believe that drugs should be legalized and offered in exchange for medical treatment. I support gay marriage and I could go on with more examples of how “liberal” I am. Now having said all this yesterday what I thought would never happened to me happened to me and that is that I was horrified, and I mean horrified, by this South Park Episode called the Snuke. Watching it I became for the first time….a conservative.

While the treatment of the internet in that episode is very funny, the whole part of Hillary Clinton carrying a nuclear device in her vagina and how this device is extracted from her vagiana was of unbelievable bad taste to me. So much, that it made me wish that some things were simply….illegal to show. South Park makes me want to do something I never thought I would do, and that is to want to talk about dignity. Well, at least I was able to tell my 13 and 15 year olds what I thought about it. They were surprised that I had finally found….the limits to my liberalism.

I have four children and they go from 16 to 6 months. As a parent of teenagers I have had to deal with the tough request of having boyfriend/girlfriend sleep over at our home. This is not surprising. While I did not want to deny this request I asked that the following rule be observed: for a boyfriend or girlfriend to sleep over they must pass the “year in love” test. If my kids are able to stay in love in a relationship for a year, then the person they are with can stay over at our home. I must say it was not easy when it happened but I rather have this rule than one that does not promote the association of sex with love and anyone can stay in, or the opposite, to never have them come in and have them do it in the back of a car somewhere. Basically I believe that sex is much better when you are in love and that´s what I try to promote with this rule.

And how they work together and make use of the internet. On how gaming move to an isolated world, the kid and his game, to a social world thanks to the net and the clever use of it that Sony is doing.

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I’ve got 3 children in an English school in Madrid. I see what they’re studying, and while it’s a little better than what I studied at Nicolás Avellaneda in Buenos Aires, it’s not good enough. Sometimes when I help them with their homework, I think that education, just like food or medicine, should come with an expiration date.
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