We’re growing really fast in Portugal, mostly thanks to the agreement FON reached with Zon, the biggest cable internet and TV provider in Portugal. October 18th became another landmark for FON, when we officially launched a WiFi density project in Campo de Ourique, a district in Lisbon with its own unique atmosphere. Without being too touristy, Campo de Ourique is bustling with cultural and commercial activity, and has succeeded in becoming something like a dynamic mini city within Lisbon itself.

Unlike Chueca WiFi, which is a density project created with great effort by FON, in “ZON@FON em Campo de Ourique” we have been able to experience the efficiency and speed of collaborating with a partner like ZON; in less than a month, the project has grown to include 225 hotspots, to date. We can now say that practically 100% of Campo de Ourique is covered with WiFi through ZON@FON (here you can see the evolution of the coverage).

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