Michael JacksonI never liked Michael Jackson. I acknowledged him, occasionally enjoyed him, but if you were at university in the 80´s he was shoved down your throat. Way too overplayed. MTV was already big and those of us who were not fans thought Michael Jackson was produced. A follower, not a leader.

Fast forward 2010. I am on a flight Madrid – Paris. Turn my MacBook on, put on the noise canceling headphones and start watching “This is It“. Everything changes. I see the genius. It took a documentary for me to realize that Michael Jackson may have been overplayed, may have had his dark side, but as a musician/dancer there was nobody like him.

In “This is It” you realize that Michael Jackson is the REAL song writer, actor, choreographer, dancer, singer: he is all those things and more. Plus, in 2009, before his death, he still had it. Watch the documentary. It’s worth it.

I greatly enjoyed it and I also want to thank my daughter Alexa, who, as a dancer, took part in the Union Square launch of “This is It”, the DVD. It’s great that the production invited her and her Columbia University dance group to participate of the live performance.

Today, for the first time, I am truly sorry that Michael Jackson is dead.

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Ideas I’m currently working on.

It’s just one idea. There is no way to fly to Baqueira. I think Baqueira attracts a sufficient number tourists to transform the current aerodrome of Benabarre into a regional airport. A mini airline could be created to fly from there to Madrid and to Lisbon.

Another idea that I’m reconsidering is the idea to mix the format of MTV with the one of QVC and to see what happens. The problem is that this would mean I would have to be in the US or travel there often, which I can’t do right now.

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