They should have called the Sansa, the Salsa… because it has tons of Salsa. Yesterday I was one of the lucky persons to be able to play with a Sansa, because FON and the designers of the Sansa Zing have teamed up.

Zing was founded by Tim Bucher. Tim is the salsero of the Sansa. No wonder since he went all the way from being a DJ in High School to being a top designer at Apple where he was a key developer of the iPhone, another product that is full of salsa and that instead of being called the iPhone, cause Cisco owns the trademark should have been called the iSalsa. After playing with the Sansa I believe that there will be a real fight between the Sansa and the iPod. The only element in which the iPod clearly beats the Sansa is in memory. Other than that, the Sansa experience is Endgaget says “a solid alternative to the iPod” (read all the review as Endgadget is a solid alternative to my blog).

So what are we going to do with Zing? The same thing we are doing with the Skype phone (should I say the Skypefon) and that is to bundle the Skype WiFi phone with the Fonera, so when you have a Sansa you can listen to it not only through your WiFi, but through the WiFi all the other FONeros cause at FON, you scratch my back and I scratch yours….all this while you listen to Salsa, in your Sansa (btw, Sergio Mendes, as reinterpreted by the Black Eyed Peas, also has a lot of Salsa).

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