Lecture 1
Introduction: An entrepreneur’s life, by Martin Varsavsky

Lecture 2
Business Building Project proposals presented by students’ team. Feedback from professor.

Lecture 3
Entrepreneurship experiences I: Urban Capital

Lecture 4
Entrepreneurship experiences II: Medicorp

Lecture 5
Entrepreneurship experiences III: Jazztel

Lecture 6
Entrepreneurship experiences IV: Ya.com

Lecture 7
Entrepreneurship experiences V: Einsteinet

Lecture 8
Entrepreneurship experiences VI: Educ.ar

Lectures 9 & 10
Business Building Projects Presentation. Critical review by professor and the audience; Course Conclusions.

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manolito on May 5, 2009  · 

The slides for this lecture have any kind of license? can you share this information with us?

Thank you

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Martin Varsavsky on May 5, 2009  · 

There are no slides in this course. It is a game. I do use slides occasionally to explain how Ya.com, Jazztel and other companies were created. And if you come accross them please feel free to use them.

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