When I was at NYU I met a guy who presented his theory of virginity… sometime in the 80s somewhere in the East Village. It was simple. Even though he was only 21 he had slept with 8 virgins. That meant that there were 7 other guys out there who had slept with none. He then went to ask me if I could help him identify them. I told him that, while I could understand his theory, I could think of no way of finding who those losers were. And we went on to another drink.

Fast forward to 2005. Think of blogging. A successful blogger requires thousands of readers. At the same time there´s no way a successful blogger can read thousands of blogs. Therefore, for every successful blogger there are many individuals whose blogs are rarely read or who write no blogs at all. Is there a connection here? Do bloggers get laid? Do you either write or get laid? Maybe my stud friend is reading my blog now!

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Tony on October 23, 2005  · 

Hi Martin

We are skype users for a very long time, and we like your FON idea. but what we like more is the philosophy powering FON.

Your task seems challenging and you are going to need all the help, also from outspace. Although we have interesting current projects, we are attempt to collaborate with you also.

Marthi@nos comunity

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Daniel on October 24, 2005  · 

But.. you are making the assumption of that every blog reader has his own blog!!

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Nightgaunt on November 3, 2005  · 

Fortunately sex is a repeatable process, and doesn’t have a 1-2-1 mapping. The 7 other guys had probably slept with non-virgins to lose their virginity.

Hmm, and a successful blog has thousands of readers…that blogger cannot read thousands of blogs, but then neither can each of that blogger’s readers. Equate apples and oranges.

Whoa! Too much thought! FON rules!

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