I think that it´s time that United States learns from the way anti American pseudo democrats are dealing with democracy to suit their own political objectives. Democratically elected leader Ahmadinejad is a master at getting Iranian voters to back him in his anti American agenda. So why doesn´t America use the same method to legitimize the Iraqi invasion?

I think USA should run the Should I stay or Should I go referendum in Iraq. Instead of having yet another meeting to discuss in Washington what should happen in Iraq, USA should ask the Iraqi people what they want them to do in Iraq.

I envision a very concrete referendum, something like, “should we pull out by April 1st or stay another year to help Iraq democracy succeed?” If the majority asks America to stay another year, then the invasion is legitimized. If, instead, they ask America to leave, then America says “mission accomplished, when we came Iraq was led by a genocidal dictator, we brought this dictator to justice, established the principles of democracy and now we leave”. And America will save thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

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