At FON we are very proud of our growth. FON has tripled in size in the last 3 months. But while I thought this was pretty unique, I was just looking at Meneame, the Spanish Digg like site, in which I invested in, and I was super impressed with their growth. They doubled in size in the last 3 months. And other companies I invested in, like Netvibes, Wikio, Vpod, Xing, Gspace,, Technorati, Plazes, Zudeo and Joost are all growing very

Personally ,I don´t consider myself a VC, but in a way I am, since I am making investments in all these companies. I guess what’s different about me and the reason why I am invited to invest, is that I not only invest, but spend time with the entrepreneurs advising them on how to make their sites more appealing. To be fair, many times they give me great advise or are on the FON advisory board, as in the case of Tariq Krim of Netvibes.

But right now this is how my investment activities work. I get sent a ton of investment ideas in the form of beta web sites, I test the services myself. If I like them I move on to see if I find the entrepreneur compelling. If I do, then I look at the market, competition and business model with the help of people at Jazzya, my holding company. If all those planets align, then I invest. What I wonder is whether I should invite others to invest along with me.

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