I have accumulated around 20 gigas of PST files. You know, the ones that Outlook uses, over the last 3 years. Now that I changed to Mac and Ubuntu I don´t have access to them. Also even if I can install this 20 gigas in Thunderbird it would slow everything down so I don´t work off my laptops anymore but work online.

In this sense Gmail has changed my computing style. I don´t use POP3 the way I used to. Now Gmail gets all my mail from Fon, filters the Spam and I get the mail from Gmail and after reading it, I erase everything cause I know it´s in Gmail. In this way my laptops stay fast. When I need to search I go to Gmail.

Interestingly, I also use Gmail to store my spreadsheets, text documents, power point of keynotes, pictures and songs with Gspace, a fantastic Firefox extension that I am involved with that does this. What I do is I have many Gmail accounts and I have sent all my documents from Microsoft to Google via Gspace. So if I get a new laptop I don´t need to worry about not having my “stuff” as my “stuff” is all in Gmail via POP3 or Gspace. Moreover for my bookmarks I used Foxmarks another Firefox extension so I don´t need to transfer favorites or bookmarks anymore. And this new working style worked great except for pst Files.

While I can use Gmail to store PST files I can´t open them with Gmail nor with any of the apps in Gspace. What I need and probably many people need as well is a service that receives all my PST files and converts them to a premium Gmail account or now that Yahoo Mail has gone unlimited that does that in Yahoo. I dream of being able to have the last 3/5 years of e mail all in one place and searchable.

What I need at this point is what I tried and failed to do when I started Einsteinet. Is a web site that when I open it it opens like my desktop and has all my software and all my documents and I just work off a browser. Google has been slowly and steadily moving in that direction. Now I need for somebody to tackle the PST to Gmail conversion.

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