Google ”Immigrant Party” and see what you get. You get ANTI-immigrant party.

Why is this? Why is it that the approximately 40 million immigrants in Europe, myself included, have not organized themselves into a political party? Why can Jean Marie Le Pen have his Front National built on a platform of immigrant hatred and immigrants not have their own political party? And it is not just immigrants. What about all the old family Europeans who believe in Europe as a multicultural society, who are afraid of nationalists like Jean Marie Le Pen, who are French but believe that human beings all over deserve to do well? It is with this in mind that after the success of the Safe Democracy Conference I am thinking of starting the New European Party. What does this party stand for? Europe. Europe as a multicultural society. Europe as a model of tolerance that is unique in the world. Europe as a framework for the United Nations. A growing Europe. If the anti-European anti-immigrant forces have organized so well, isn’t it time that the pro European pro-tolerance forces organize as well?

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Leon Kaplan on February 14, 2006  · 

Dear Martin

Yes! I think along the same lines! If you want to start an international I.P. count me in for the caucus.

I’m a entrepreneur. Brazilian from Rio, living in Canada during the last 20 years.


(I’ll keep my email private for obvious reasons)

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karyna Barros on April 27, 2006  · 

Hello Martin,
Hi there, Leo
Twice a weekin Vancouver we have Brazilian Party from 400 – 1000 people, hosted by my son Albert and his friend Anthony. They also host Mexican parties. It’s fun and it’s health. The students attend who attend various universities in Vancouver, are not only Brazilian or Spanish, but they are from all over the world. They are open minded and share the same goal, a united country respecting everyone as unique. There are “IFA”s you can become a member in Europe, not everything is about politician. I believe that we shoud be members first of what is up here to help the society and learn how to give. When we are ready we just have to follow our heart. Thanks for reading!
I am Brazilian, 20 years in Canada, Certified Community Support Work, Certified in BC as a TCP, Certified in Arts & Crafts for the Movie Diretor, Certified Supervisor Safety Program and member of
about 8 societies / foundations of Canada

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Carlos V. on October 23, 2008  · 

Coming from your post about Joschka Fischer, I found this one.
I think your idea is a great!!!

I didn`t understand why there are so few foreign people in the high direction levels of the Spanish Parties, if they are more than the 10% of the whole Spanish population.

Also in a local scope, there are some Spanish cities (e.g L’Hospitalet in Barcelona) were this percentage is even more high but there are none Parties founded by immigrants.

Maybe we should to develop this idea working first in the municipal level, and then jump to the Spanish or European level.
I’m going to think about it.

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Lukas on October 25, 2008  · 

Well, yes. If you are founding the immigrant party somebody will found an autochton party. There’s nothing bad about immigration as long as immigrants respect culture and tradition of place where they arrive. Unfortunatelly it is not like this. We observe total destruction of greco-latin-christian culture (forbidding christmas trees at schools, wearing muslim outfits at work…). You will raise anger which will have to be contained in some form you don’t want to experience.

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