Google ”Immigrant Party” and see what you get. You get ANTI-immigrant party.

Why is this? Why is it that the approximately 40 million immigrants in Europe, myself included, have not organized themselves into a political party? Why can Jean Marie Le Pen have his Front National built on a platform of immigrant hatred and immigrants not have their own political party? And it is not just immigrants. What about all the old family Europeans who believe in Europe as a multicultural society, who are afraid of nationalists like Jean Marie Le Pen, who are French but believe that human beings all over deserve to do well? It is with this in mind that after the success of the Safe Democracy Conference I am thinking of starting the New European Party. What does this party stand for? Europe. Europe as a multicultural society. Europe as a model of tolerance that is unique in the world. Europe as a framework for the United Nations. A growing Europe. If the anti-European anti-immigrant forces have organized so well, isn’t it time that the pro European pro-tolerance forces organize as well?

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