Today I got Leo, our newborn an e mail address. I know this sounds crazy, as he is only 46 hours old as I post this. But trust me, there´s a plan here. This morning I started writing to Leo to his new e mail address. I sent him a link to this blog in Spanish and English with all the beautiful congratulatory messages he got. I forwarded copies of the celebration e mails that I got directly. I also sent him videos and pictures of his birth and first 48 hours. And during his life, whenever I feel like it, I will send him e mails.

I made sure he has a HUGE maibox. I also told my wife about this. At first she thought this was a Martin Impatient Varsavsky idea, but when I disclose the exact nature of my plan… she smiled and approved. Basically, the “Leo email project” consists in disclosing Leo´s email to his siblings, 4 grandparents, uncles, aunt, cousins, godfather and a few close friends to tell them that they can write whenever and whatever they want to him. I will explain that nobody can read these mails until the day Leo will surely say that he wants an e mail address. And that day, and only that day, which if my other chidren are any guidance will come around 8, I will disclose to him that he actually does have an email box, that he has had it for 8 years, and that it is quite full ;).

So that will be one busy day for Leo. He will have a ton of mails, videos, pictures, recordings, a lot to look at and reply. And yes, he will be overlwhelmed that day. But I will tell him not to worry, if it took us 8 years to write to him it´s fine with us if he takes 8 years to reply!

The Spanish version is here.

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