Text sucks. I use it, but I am very disenchanted by it.

I used to think of text as THE way to communicate. I thought books were it. I don’t anymore. Think of this. ”High Fidelity”, the book, takes 20 hours to read. ”High Fidelity”, the movie, takes 2 hours. Why? Because the book is written in text. The book makes no use of sounds, images, pictures, video, emoticons or abbreviations. Some people believe that chat is destroying language. I think chat is creating language! Chat uses many more elements.

I want to write a book that makes use of all these resources. I want to be able to write using sounds, words, emoticons, images, drawing, video, pictures, etc. And I am working on this. I am working on coming up with the language that can do all this.

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Eric Le on September 28, 2007  · 

Heh. I think that writing is still useful. Think – writing stores information. IM-ing
uses text, and ALL MMORPG’s where you can talk is actually using text.
How annoying would it be if you kept on hearing “Emotes; Skills; Log out; Inventory…” in a computerized voice every time you moused over an icon! Without writing, reading skills and writing skills are gone. When children at school wanna explore a story, an entire room is easily filled with sounds
that make is impossible to hear your story. Links would be gone – there
wouldn’t even be a computer anymore! The links would all be mouse-over
voices, and lots of thing are gone. Most importantly – I’m leaving a comment
using text! And this thread was started – using text! Without writing, there is
also less use of imagination. Books and words allow you to imagine.
Using other methods, like videos, kill that.

Without imagination, there will never be new knowledges.

*~~~The dude who is going to take this for a school report (thank you)!~~~*

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