Text sucks. I use it, but I am very disenchanted by it.

I used to think of text as THE way to communicate. I thought books were it. I don’t anymore. Think of this. ”High Fidelity”, the book, takes 20 hours to read. ”High Fidelity”, the movie, takes 2 hours. Why? Because the book is written in text. The book makes no use of sounds, images, pictures, video, emoticons or abbreviations. Some people believe that chat is destroying language. I think chat is creating language! Chat uses many more elements.

I want to write a book that makes use of all these resources. I want to be able to write using sounds, words, emoticons, images, drawing, video, pictures, etc. And I am working on this. I am working on coming up with the language that can do all this.

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Eric Le on September 28, 2007  · 

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