Today I was lying in Menorca, reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, by Jonathan Safran Foer, and I came accross a line that went like this “there are more humans alive today than have died in all of human history”.

Now one of my problems when I read books is that I frequently go into a random tangent when I am reading them and even though my eyes are still somehow running through the letters and some meaning is actually reaching my brain, but my own thoughts become more interesting than what the books says, and I end up navigating my own private Mediterranean of free association. Case in point. I read that there are more people alive than ever died and I navigate to the next thought, which is that then there are more genetic proposals now alive than there ever were, then I think of globalization and different genetic pools coming into contact and I think that there are more possible outcomes (children) than there ever were, and then I jump on to something seemingly unrelated and that is that all this is happening at a time in which there is C Sections available to most human at birth (especially to big headed kids).

So there I stop and think about the following. What makes us human is our ability to think creatively. From an anatomical point of view what makes us unique is brain size, but historically there has been a tremendous limitation to birth size and that is narrow birth canals. So I go to the internet and start googling birth canal evolution and I found out that humans have found one way around this problem, until now that is, cause now on top of that solution, we have C Sections so big headed babies can make it thorough. And then I think that since scientific developments depend on our ability to come up with new solutions and those are at least partly dependent on brain development

I get excited thinking that in the next 100 years, with more babies, more combinations, and extremely low infant mortality a lot of which was related to brain size now the SMART babies will make it through birth and science will advance more than ever as a result.

Ok, I blogged this. I go back to my book now.

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