Here´s an idea that I had for that combines the power of the largest educational portal in Argentina with Skype´s 130 million global community, and that is to create a program in which Skype members volunteer to teach English to kids in Argentina.

The main objective here is to create an environment of equal opportunity for Argentine kids, cause whether we like it or not not, speaking English is a handicap. Now this is how it would work. Educators at would put together English courses that are easy to teach by native speakers and offer students, who are native speakers, to teach this curriculum to Argentine kids over Skype. Skype would promote this program in its web site so as to find teachers. Students would sign up for lessons at and go on over Skype.

Skype is perfect cause it allows the combination of a web cam, with writing in a chat, with the ability to send files. Of course other programs would also work. Wengo has just launched a program oriented to something like this but they lack the community. And Instant Messenger has a huge community, but, personally, I would not know how to get to them, I have less contacts at Microsoft. I do have great contacts at Google, who are also my partners, but unfortunately Google Talk does not have a large community. Instead Skype, who is my partner at FON and it is easier for me at least to propose the idea to them. Janus and Niklas of Skype are always looking for something good to do anyway as they are caring people (i had to say this now that the holiday season is approaching ;).

I end with a warning, a lot of my ideas actually never get implemented. But I don´t mind blogging when I have them as this blog is about exactly that, having ideas and trying to implement them, some succeed, some fail.

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Martin Nostrala on December 20, 2006  · 

I’ve been developing that idea over the last few years. If you take a brief look at the concept blog I’ve made maybe you would be able to find something useful on it. Do not hesitate tocontact me if you have anyquestions or need some help.

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Lukas on June 16, 2007  · 

Hello Martin,
you are interested in combining Skype and learning. I am working on a language learning software that combines the two. Including architecture, synthesis of several isolated concepts and ways to finance à la Google.
PS: I have FON for one year and hope to reach the people at the lake side with the new fontenna 🙂 . I couldn’t use it much on my own on the go I rearly took my laptop somewhere. I think FON gets really interesting with the WI-FI Smartphones. I will start to use FON in that way.
Open question for the FON Maps: I could never figure how to track the nearest hot spot when I am in a town I don’t know. Do I have to make Screenshots of Google Maps? Or print out the address lists?

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Martin Varsavsky on June 18, 2007  · 

Great, when you have that software pls let me know.

And screenshots are the way for now.

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