This morning I drove from Jose Ignacio, Uruguay, to Carrasco International Airport to pick up 3 of my four kids. In NYC, where I used to live, I would go to greet dear ones at JFK and I would be normally surrounded by limo drivers. I was really surprised at how few people were actually greeted not by a driver, but by people who loved them. In Madrid things are somewhat better, I would say loved ones significantly outnumber drivers. I seemed to remember that things were different in Argentina and Uruguay but had no proof until this morning.

In this video I show a packed waiting area where families wait standing, in many cases holding babies so they are there first when their loved ones come out. I then come up with a weird idea in which you measure how affectionate people are in a certain country by counting the number of people who come and greet them at the airport in proportion to the arriving passengers. In this case it was a MOB scene for only two international flights.

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