I belong to A Small World. I know, it´s elitist. Some have called it a “friendster for the VIP Set”. But I belong to “aSW” because aSW delivers. Tonight for example, we were having dinner at my farm in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay with a group of friends who had flown from many countries to spend New Year´s Eve with my wife and I and Ola Alvharsson announced that there was an aSW party nearby. We all went after dinner and the party turned out to be amazing. It was held at a construction site surrounded by antique cars where a very large pool house was being built. There was grilled food, candles everywhere, great music and psychodelic projections. Ola told me that there were people from over 30 nationalities dancing through the night. What´s the secret of aSW? That the people from aSW all see themselves as members of the same tribe, a tribe that many despise and yet want to be part of. Curiously I met Eric, the founder of aSW hanging out with my friend Ola in Stockholm 3 years ago. At that point aSW was only a dream. I liked the idea then, I love it now. What´s unique about his concept is that aSW is one of the only community on the net that has 4 times more members wanting to belong than who actually belong to it. From a financial point of view this is a community that is not so easy to monetize because while each member has a significant spending power the overall size of the community is quite small. At the same time it is the SMALL in aSW that makes it a success. I guess there are cases when small is beautiful…

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