I have been getting a lot of emails these days from people who lost their jobs. Invariably they come from Gmail addresses. For those who still have a job a Gmail address seems to be a sign that they are afraid they are about to lose it and are already looking for an alternative. Gmail´s growth seems to be inversely correlated with the economy.

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Rafa Garcia on January 13, 2009  · 

No se, me recuerda un poco al efecto mariposa toda esta relación entre cuentas de gmail y recesión económica.

En España al menos, la diversificación de la oferta de ISPs hace que las cuentas de correo de proveedor tipo @jazztel, @telefonica, den paso a una cuenta online permanente, accesible desde cualquier dispositivo y potente en cuanto a funcionalidad.

Un saludo.

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FernandoG on January 13, 2009  · 

You should also consider that many people use their gmail address for everything that is not strictly related with their job. There are two reasons for that:
-Your contacts still have your email address when you switch jobs
-You should not use your company email for personal issues. I don’t fully agree with this, but many companies have policies in this respect, and today people take care of not going against company policies
-Many companies have terrible email servers. Gmail is much better and users prefer it.

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George on January 13, 2009  · 

I agree with Fernando. People who loose their jobs now have to use the Gmail account 🙁
Lucky me I still have both 🙂 (touch wood!)

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