This is my goodbye post for trolls. Trolls: I have had it with you. I want you out of my blog. Each day around 20,000 people read my Spanish and English blogs in feeds or visits. I get a lot of comments on Twitter on Facebook and they are sometimes positive, sometimes negative, but never written with the intention to hurt. In my Spanish and English blogs I get illuminating comments, both positive and negative. But I also get you guys. You may not be more than 10 people. But you are one pain en el culo. Your mission in my blog seems only to be to prove I suck. Well guys if I suck why do you read my blog? Why do you spend so much time analyzing every little thing I say to prove it wrong? Why don´t you just leave and go to any other of the 55 million blogs out there. So today I will do you a favor. I will throw you out of my blog. You are out of here. Adios. And don´t come back.

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Pedro on September 19, 2009  · 

Just one comment, styling one: You’d better used”tujes” instead of “culo”, if you won’t use “ass”, “butt” or back within many others in this english version will be more mmmmhh understandable?… Be positive Martin ! SHANÁ TOVÁ UMETUKÁ !
Kind regards, Pedro

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Martin Varsavsky on September 19, 2009  · 

In Spain culo is like saying cola in Argentina. I know it´s confusing but in Spain it is not an insult.

jinka on September 19, 2009  · 

Je n`ai rien compris.

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Ramiro Ferrer on September 19, 2009  · 

This is very good for the quality of the comments. I must confess that I use to fight the trolls so hard that I end up looking like one, though.

I am not jewish, but I guess I can say ketiva ve-chatima tovah to you and Nina.

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Dan Gillmor on September 19, 2009  · 

Congratulations — it’s the right thing for you and especially your readers. The trolls will probably try to return, of course, so this could be a continuing battle.

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Martin Varsavsky on September 19, 2009  · 

Thank you Dan. I tell you I struggled with this for years. Your understanding means a lot to me.

Natasha Fatale on September 19, 2009  · 

¡Bravissimo! Online and in real life, trolls are to be shunned. They are poorly behaved children who have no manners and do not deserve our attention or time. By responding to them, we lend credibility to their rants and tantrums.

Besides, their pixels are all wrong and their shadows aren’t consistent. 😉

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Javier Rincón on September 19, 2009  · 


I believe that people that want to criticize for no reason are best to be ignored. They feed on attention and they will die if not given any.

Regards and good luck with the troll problem 🙂

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B.M. on September 19, 2009  · 

Just attempting to post to see if I’m a troll!

If people are yelling at you, it’s because they care. Resist the urge to hate the haters. Haters are bred from people that want your product to work better, so much, it hurts. If there’s someone just being nasty for no reason, that’s one thing. But be careful to look for legitimate complaints which come wrapped in 4 letter words and anger. They are probably the most relevant feedbacks to help improve yourself and your product/company. Too often the human response is to fight the detractors, this is natural. But the best listen even to the most bitter rivals, for clues, for weaknesses, whatever.

I had a Fon router, and I had to get rid of it because it didn’t have an extra USB port. I realize this has been fixed, but since I was never able to find a FON wifi while routing, I lost interest in the whole concept. I’m glad you’re profitable now. My rec is to spend every single dollar you make marketing to shop owners, coffee houses, fast food restaurants, libraries, and anywhere else there’s a public group– airports, hotels. GIVE them the device, set it up for them, and focus on one concentrated area and grow from there (learn from Netflix).

FON concept is a great one, but I’m not sure the execution is there. It frustrated me, and probably made me feel like a “toad” or a “troll”.


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Martin Varsavsky on September 19, 2009  · 

You are not a troll 🙂

Bill Eldridge on September 21, 2009  · 

There’s a certain amount of criticism that is productive, but when the trolls
get going, it’s just a mass of stupid comments for no good purpose that
clouds real communication.

Or as a friend notes, “kick a troll and you’ve started a relationship.”

Occasionally have to clean house – won’t get rid of all the dust bunnies,
but enough…

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Nordine on September 27, 2009  · 

Hi Mr Martin,

Don’t care about the poeple how hurt you or say negative things about you. take the positive comments that’s the most important .
I wish you more success in your life

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