The major software companies including Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Dell, Symantec, HP, IBM, Intel and McAfee, founded a group called the BSA (Business Software Alliance). They define themselves as “the voice of the world’s commercial software industry and its hardware partners before governments and in the international marketplace”. BSA programs foster technology innovation through education and policy initiatives that promote copyright protection, cyber security, trade, and e-commerce”. In fact, one of their campaigns they run worldwide is to encouraged employees to denounce their companies and employers that use piracy software, such as copies of microsoft, antiviruses and other privative software. and they have become quite succesful in their task in places such as Germany, where quite a few employees contacted them.

This is not a problem we have at FON since last May we decided to drop Microsoft and adopt Ubuntu. We did this to save time, maintenance costs, license costs, to be able to use hardware for a longer time, to have access to quick updates, to operate in a secure, virus free environment. But now that I know that Microsoft and others were asking employees to denounce Fon, I feel even happier that we are using open source software.

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Steve Ross on August 11, 2007  · 

typo in last sentence…happier that we are not using open source software. Need to remove “not”

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Brandon Na on August 13, 2007  · 

You may not read this because you’re CEO, but if you do, this may TRULY improve your international expansion.

I’m an expat in South Korea. I speak mostly English, but a little Korean. Wireless access in Korea is great, BUT in English, it’s next to impossible to get it or access it outside of Seoul & honestly, when I was living in Seoul, it was a pain in the ass too.

Here’s your opportunity: there are millions of expats throughout the world. Get them to be your distributors of your service. I will help you in Korea or elsewhere in Asia, but honestly, you guys are targeting the main population which doesn’t trust you that much because they are HIGHLY into name brands & trust Korea Telecom or SK Telecom or a newer, but more dominant player here Hanaro Telecom because it’s local.

Eventually, your network will be built up by Expats & then the locals will start to understand & honestly, they listen to the expats since they are their English teachers & teachers are highly respected here.

I’ll probably end up signing up via KT Telecom’s Nespot service even though it’s a HUGE HASSLE trying to find a KT Plaza here in Busan (the 2nd highest populated city in Korea). I’ve been looking for over 3 hours now…and even called KT Telecom’s English operator who was of really no help. She asked “do you have a friend nearby who can speak Korean?” What’s the use of an English operator…

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Rebeca on August 13, 2007  · 

What about the smooth graphics and intuitive interface in Vista? It gets blocked a lot of times, but Aero is so beautiful!

A few months ago I asked a friend why he had bought an ipod (three times more expensive than any other portable MP3/hard drive of the same capacity) and he answered me: “It’s beautiful!” I thought that sentence was stupid.

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