Think about cars! Think about how much pollution we could save the world if we started sharing cars in a systematic and organized way. This is what start ups like PickupPal or Zimride (makers of the Carpool app on Facebook) are trying to do on the Web. These are great ideas, trying to make carpooling really effective by solving some of the key issues behind it: trust (people fear sharing cars with strangers) and critical mass (you need a good number of trips in your system before users might consider carpooling a reliable alternative for their transportation needs).

Using Facebook is a good idea: millions of users, a chance to know more about drivers and discover personal connections that might give users enough reasons to trust each other and share a car. There are other carpooling websites, less Web 2.0, like GishiGo, eRideShare, CarpoolWorld, CarpoolConnect, iCarpool and SharetheRide, and they all contribute reducing CO2 emissions, while helping users save money. Find the one that best suits your needs… and share!

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