I understand Technorati, for example, when it gives me real time searches of what people are saying about the Fonera 2.0. I understand the fact that a blog search engine should find what people who are blogging say about our new router, the Fonera 2.0. And, that information is very useful to us at Fon (disclosure I am an investor in Technorati). But, what blows my mind is that I can now see what people on Twitter are saying about the Fonera as well. Because a blogger, well she/he wants to be heard. But a person communicating to his friends in Twitter, is she/he aware that whatever one says is public and searchable? I wonder to what extent all users know that whatever they say to their friends the whole world can read (unless they set Twitter only to communicate with their friends but few do so)? And if they do understand this, then Twitter is one more proof that most people don´t give a damn about privacy. Now for businesses, Technorati and Twitter are an amazing combination for gaging popular sentiment after a product launch and for reacting immediately to any problem that may arise. We at Fon are constantly following early sentiment on the Fonera 2.0. Fortunately, so far as you can see doing your searches, it is extremely positive.

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