My first impressions using a Dell Streak are very positive. As I use Mac, this is the first Dell product I use. At 5 inches it’s big but still fits in your pocket. Dell has adapted Android to the larger dimensions and the whole experience is more comfortable. Forget about the m in your URL, you can browse normally. The 5 MP camera is great for videos an pictures, it comes with edit software. Compared to the Asian versions of Android the Dell Streak feels like one of those comfortable American hotel rooms, where everything, from the bed onwards is bigger and easier. Using the Dell Streak you feel grateful for the roominess of the whole experience. On the negative it uses an unusual charging cable and the power button is too close to the camera button, you have to train not to try to take a picture and turn off the phone. By the time it comes out it will probably have Froyo which is faster. It is the biggest smartphone in the market, but it is thin and light, much smaller than an iPad as you will see in the video.

I apologize for my voice in the video btw. I have a cold.

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Gustavo on June 11, 2010  · 

Hola Martin, preciosa casa, y el Dell será mi proximo tablet, me encanta.

Por cierto, he visto que tienes esta lampara

Que tal la luz que da? me encanta en catalogos pero no la he podido ver en real.


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antoin O Lachtnain on June 15, 2010  · 

This size format would also be good for a lot of ‘vertical’ applications, like policemen, technicians, meter readers, waiters in restaurant.

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Juan on June 15, 2010  · 

Cuándo sale en España? Y, a qué precio? Muy buena review.

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