Le Web 3 Conference organized by my friend Loic Le Meur is taking place in Paris this December 11th and 12th. If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, you can have a 100€ discount as a reader of my blog.  I will be speaking at LeWeb 3 but I wanted to alert you of the many other speakers and fun things going on at Le Web 3 many organized by buddies of mine.

Le Web 3 has become the largest Web event in Europe. Speakers include  Dan Rose from Facebook, my good friend Tariq Krim from Netvibes, Fon board member Janus Friis from Joost, Japanese Chief Fonero and head of Creative Commons  Joi Ito who is one of the most insightful analysts of the internet in the world,  my friend and Internet entrepreneur Marc Samwer, renowned (and super funny) Israeli VC Yossi Vardi, Evan Williams from Twitter, Kevin Rose from Digg, Hans Rosling, designer Philippe Stark of hotel and restaurant fame,   Google Nelson Mattos, TED‘s media director June Cohen and JP Rangaswami from British Telecom our partners at BTFon.

If you are in the internet in Europe and want to learn and network you should come!

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cvander on December 3, 2007  · 

I already got the ticket. See you in Paris.

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Henrik Ahlen on December 3, 2007  · 

I am coming too, really look forward to this event, the program is shock-ful of interesting stuff and persons!

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