This is an invitation to the people of Menorca and my readers in general. You are all invited to attend an informal TechTalk that will be held next Saturday May 12th from 5pm to 8pm at 5pm at my farm in Menorca. To attend you need to register sending your name, email and home address to me.

Here´s a picture of the Farm

foto blog.jpg

Here´s a Google Map. It shows how to get there. The event will be held in Binisegarra, the home that is in the middle of the farm.

Here are more pictures of the Farm and of Menorca in general.

Update 9/5/07: Janus Friis of Skype and Alex Straub of Truphone just informed me they will not be able to come to Menorca due to personal reasons. On the other hand, Michael Jackson, COO at Skype, will come to Menorca.

This event will consist in tech entrepreneurs giving 15 minute presentations on the projects we are working on in a very informal atmosphere with some Q&A. At the farm we will have Hans Peter Brondmo of Plum, David Sifry of Technorati, Tariq Krim of Netvibes, Loic Le Meur France´s top blogger, Thomas Crampton of the IHT, Ola of Result, Marko of Blyk and Dopplr, Anil de Mello of Mobuzz, Ivan and Rodrigo of Vpod, Ricardo Galli of Meneame, Alex Straub of Truphone, Lukasz Weijchert de Onet (in Polish but the 49th most popular web site in the world), Marc Samwer German serial tech entrepreneur, Janus Friis of Skype, Joost, Felix Petersen of Plazes, Yossi Vardi, Jonas Birgersson of Labs2.

If you can´t make it to the event don´t worry. It will be blogged and video blogged.

Sunday Update, I have by now 64 people who registered. We will cap it at 100. Thanks for the interest and for flying over to Menorca for this!

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