One of the amazing things about the Web 2.0 sites is that their founders seem to have no clue as to where success (their community members) will come from. It’s one of the facets of globalization: one can succeed in the least expected place. I found a map describing this phenomenon in the case of social networks. Lucas Shaw from Wandamere is its author and it was published by Valleywag.

Using Alexa data, this map of the World shows how different sites position themselves in different countries. Bebo dominates in Australia and New Zealand; Blogger in Iran and Spain; Fotolog in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay; Orkut in Brazil, India, Pakistan and Paraguay; LiveJournal in Russia and Belorussia; Facebook in such different countries such as: Canada, Egypt, Jordan, Norway, Panama, South Africa and the United Kingdom. SkyBlog is very successful in Belgium and Senegal; CyWorld in South Corea; Studiverzeichnis in Austria and Germany and Hi5 in Mongolia, Colombia, Tunisia, Honduras, Kuwait and Peru (amongst many others).  Now this was suprising to me because Fon the company I manage is growing pretty evenly in all the developed world.  Fon can only grow where broadband has previously deployed.  Broadband is mostly deployed in the world in 7 time zones out of 24.  These are the Japan, East China, Korea, time zone.  USA, Canada, Mexico time zone and European time zone.  These area which is 7/24/2 of the planet (these countries are all in the Northern Hemisphere) has over 90% of the broadband of the world.  But it is very interesting that with Fon we don´t see strong preferences.  Our Foneros are pretty well distributed between North America, Europe and East Asia.


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