Here´s the announcement of the Palm Foleo in Endgadget. Pls read the comments. They are very negative. People seem to focus on only one thing, the price, which at $500 they find too high. And in that sense they are right. The right price maybe more like $390. But if the Foleo was available for $390, running on Linux the key advantage of the Foleo would stand up and that is that….it runs on Linux. There are many of us who think that the what kills laptops is Microsoft. When I use Mac, or Ubuntu, my laptops work very well. When I used Microsoft I go crazy waiting for laptops to turn on, turn off, suspension never works well, programs crash on me. So the key about the Palm Foleo is that it is NOT a Microsoft laptop. In any case what I want is an Ubuntu based flashed based, very thin, with long lasting batteries, less than 1kg laptop.

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