In this video I comment on eMobile, a company building mobile broadband services supported by the latest HSDPA and IP network technologies.

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Fmatsu on October 11, 2007  · 

Bienvenido a Tokyo!
Just a few data points on Emobile.
Emobile grand plan is 1) Data (HSDPA 3.5g) in metropolitan areas 2) Data – country wide 3) Data and voice country wide. When 3) happens it will become the 4th. wireless voice provider along ntt, kddi, and softbank. As you know Japan cellular market is huge 9x10e12 JPY (about 80 B USD) with only 3 companies sharing the pie. Source: emobile page in Japanese.

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mike webber on October 14, 2007  · 

will fon partner with emobile?

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