Dopplr, the service that to allows you to share your future travel plans with a group of friends, has finally come out of beta and is now open for anyone to join. The company, in which I invested, officially launched at Le Web in Paris, the conference organized by my friend Loic Le Meur (almost 2000 participants this year!).

Dopplr is a simple and very useful tool for frequent business travellers: it enables connections and coincidence reminding you of friends and colleagues who live in or will visit the cities where you are going to be.

The service is easy to link with most online calendars (via iCal and RSS) and social networks like Facebook. One of the new features is the mobile version ( from any device with a web browser members can add trips, see coincidences, future travels and where their colleagues and friends are.

Dopplr’s founders are: Lisa Sounio, Matt Biddulph, Matt Jones and Dan Gillmor and Marko Ahtisaari, my friend and advisor to FON, is a founding investor.

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Enrique Burgos on December 14, 2007  · 

I was in the beta and its very useful…great project!!

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Jonathan Marks on December 20, 2007  · 

Enjoyed your rational and considered thoughts at Le Web and the challenges of being an entrepreneur in Europe. It must be difficult to generalise – I find it is linked to culture and some cultures, like the Dutch, are very risk averse. So there are some great ideas in the Netherlands but few venture capitalists willing to take the kind of risks we see in the valley.

Lisa did an excellent job in the start-up forum of explaining the challenges of Dopplr. Unfortunately the chair of the panel seemed to be male biased and kept going to the other panellists for answers – whereas Lisa was the brightest of the bunch.

3.0 rating

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