Jerusalem has many teenagers, say 18 yr olds, armed with machine guns, both boys and girls. While I understand this may be necessary I find it creepy and wrong. And what is worse is that my 4 year old boy who is here with us is fascinated with guns, something that I am trying to discourage but it’s not easy with boys that age. As he sees these other “kids”with machine guns he goes and talks to them, asks them if he can also have a machine gun to play with. They laugh but I worry.

On a more positive note here are some pictures of Jerusalem which overall is a fascinating place to visit. But the second picture shows my son Leo admiring the young soldiers.

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Sebastian on June 23, 2011  · 

Martin, your photographic skills have definitly improved!

Thumbs up! I am looking forward to see more shots from you!

I am a little bit jealous of your M9. But you have proved to be worthy of it 😉

Sunny regards from Germany,


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Eduardo Lina on June 25, 2011  · 

I am glad to see that you are (or have been) in Israel. From what you have shared on your Spanish and English blogs, I know that this is not your first time. Jerusalem is indeed a fascinating city. I liked your photographs and hope to see more taken on other parts of the city, and showing their people. There is more to see in Jerusalem, and am sure you and your family are having (or have had) a great experience.
Will we get to see a video clip of Tel Aviv “A la Varsavsky” here? I would certainly like to see that.
Incidentally, I prefer NOT to get into the argument of what is “necessary”, “creepy and wrong” when it comes to discussing Israel on this blog because I have seen to what such posts have lead to (more on your Spanish blog than on this English one). Your blog deserves better than that. I am fed up with most of the comments published following articles dealing with Israel on El Pais, to mention just one example. They are a far cry from a free exchange of ideas.
Keep well. Al the best for you, Nina and your soon, it seems, to be born baby. Of course, all the best for your son Leo, too. I guess in Madrid it is easier to discourage the fascination with guns than in Jerusalem (or Israel, for that matter), so your task won’t be that difficult. Well, I hope so.
Ah, I prefer not to discuss that “fascination”, either.
Regards from Holon, Israel.

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haim on July 11, 2011  · 


You write: “But the second picture shows my son Leo admiring the young soldiers.”
What is the “but” about?

It is disappointing that you refer to the Israeli army as “teenager with guns”
These teenagers are our sons and daughters.
We would prefer teenager with books, but there is a reality surrounding us and we all have to deal with it.

These teenager are our best and we admire and support them. Their integrity is out of the question.
I must say, their are not a bad model for Leo.


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