YouTube´s new moral guidelines are suprising. In America, people confuse nudity with pornography and it is unfortunate that YouTube is a global site so we all have to live by American standards. In America, as opposed to Europe, nudity is a no-no. But then when it gets to violence anything goes. I don´t think much should be censored on YouTube. If it was up to me I would territorialize it, not censor it. But if I was forced to censor I would ban graphic violence way ahead of nudity. Seeing people die, people tortured, corpses, real war scenes, shocks me much more than seeing people naked.

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Riviera on December 3, 2008  · 

Indeed, that’s the first thing that I realized when I came to the US. I believe it’s not only a cultural phenomenon, but also a matter of over-regulation. When laws are passed to control what can be broadcast, strict lines must be drawn. In the US it’s been decided that no nipple, pubic region or butt crack is suitable for TV, and hence the Janet Jackson affair. Interestingly, this had a backfiring effect: Music videos in the US are so much more sexual than in Europe, even without showing an inch of “illegal” skin, and people imitate that in clubs. The first time I went to a club in California I was shocked by all the dry humping that was going on. Seems like someone put a lid on people’s libido, and it’s exploding everywhere.

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casper on December 3, 2008  · 

I’ve marked that video as innapropriate.. i agree to the fullest. such violent videos are inacceptable especially for kids and it’s soo easy for them to access and watch such a video.
I bet that a video with naked people in it has less negative impact on a child’s life than such a blatant torture video.
(on the other side, you can’t hide the truth.. with this video, everybody can see the cruelties during the times of hussein)

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Carolina on December 8, 2008  · 

Please, remember that America is a continent, not a country.

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Assen on December 19, 2008  · 

You couldn’t have said this any better. I have had numerous arguments with friends on this matter. Just look at the TV line up: CSI Miami, CSI NY, NYPD. Americans i believe has an obsession with violence. Violence is like porn for Americans. Janet Jackson’s nipple accidentally come on screen and parents complain. I just don’t understand Martin.

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juanjo on December 27, 2008  · 

no secesitomas mas pornografia, appel es una marca de prestiguio como para containarse con esas cosas, no es que no me guste pero, contaminar el ipot touch tambien con esa basura no me parece bien.

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