Om Malik ran a Fonera give away campaign in his blog, by which he told his readers that he had 1500 Foneras to give away. Now, unfortunately, he did not say that these Foneras were only for readers in the States. So what happened is that the very international readership of Om started asking for free Foneras. Orders came from many countries. And not only did we get orders from many countries, but we got many more than 1500. This is what we have so far:

United States 5068
Canada 469
Portugal 176
United Kingdom 150
Spain 40
Czech Republic 32
Italy 30
Denmark 17
Netherlands 14
France 10
Poland 9
Ireland 6
Belgium 6
Sweden 5
Hungary 4
Switzerland 4
Finland 2
Estonia 2
Lithuania 2
Germany 1
Slovakia 1
Norway 1
Total 6049

Now, what can we do in a situation like this? Dissapoint Om´s readers and would be FONeros? That would not be very cool. So what we decided to do is to allow all the people who are not American and who asked for their free Foneras to get one until now, 1145 GMT time, and extend the campaign in the USA until this Sunday at midnight GMT time which is 7pm EST.

Conclusion, from now on only US residents can get free Foneras and this campaign to increase fonero density in the States through GigaOM ends on Sunday at 7pm EST. To be precise at 7pm on Sunday the link that is now open to Gigaom readers that allows them to save $29.95 will stop working.

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