I just spent the morning with the management team of Ydreams including founder Antonio Camara, Jose Miguel Remedio and Ines Henriques. This is a Youtube Channel with their work and here´s one of the many examples.

Ydreams clients include Nokia, Vodafone, Coca Cola, and many government agencies of different governments around the world. They are specialists in not online virtual reality that is mostly used in museums, movie theaters, public spaces and other locations where you would not normally expect Ydreams to be. Hence the positive shock.

And Ydreams is not only about amazing reality present now in exhibits around the world. Ydreams is also about future dreams. One of the most interesting part of the meeting was listening to Ines Henriques describing her research (team of 8 scientists) on non conventional displays. Yes, it is possible to have say paper displays. I saw one today. Still primitive but promising. Imagine packaging displaying information in electronic ink format. Or your clothes showing your friend´s Twitter updates. Is it possible to embed a display in a fabric? Or a battery in a piece of paper? Until today I thought it wasn´t.

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Carlos Andrade on December 16, 2008  · 


You should also check another Portuguese company that does similar things and competes with YDreams on similar markets.
It’s Edigma.com.


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Pedro Assunção on December 16, 2008  · 

Although there are more innovative companies in Portugal, YDreams and Edigma are two great examples of Portuguese innovation.
Not bad for a country with the lowest self-esteem I know off.

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George on December 17, 2008  · 

Absolutely amazing. I remember years ago (not so many) when watching SciFi movies like Blade Runner… The future is now!

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